1. Everyone is welcome. Play nice.
2. Lurker Leeway: 5 minutes; chat or get the boot
3. Two warnings til boot/ban
4. Stay on topic when set
5. Don’t be an ass.
6. Have fun!

IRC Chat Channel: #freepaulcortez
Moderators In Chief: PCDF, SiteAdmin


Quick Commands

Feel free to copy/paste until you get it down
To join a channel, type: /join #channelname i.e. /join #freepaulcortez
To leave/quit a channel, type: /leave or /quit #channelname i.e. /quit #freepaulcortez
To set a nickname, type: /nick name i.e. /nick Joe
To register a nickname, type: /msg nickserv register password email i.e. /msg nickserv register pa55w0rd
To identify on login, type: /msg nickserv identify yourpassword i.e. /msg nickserve identify pa55w0rd
To do something, type: /me action i.e. /me jumps around = Joe jumps around
To start a private chat, type: /msg nickname message i.e. /msg Frank36 What’s up?
To register a channel, type: /msg ChanServ register #Channel Password Channel_description i.e. /msg chanserv #mychannelname pa55w0rd Friday Night Movies Chat

 Beginner Undernet
An IRC Tutorial