The PCDF Admin makes regular visits to Paul in prison to keep him updated on the Defense Fund and legal operations for his case. He is incredibly gracious, humbled by, and appreciative of all the efforts of people who donate their time, energy, and money to help however they can. It means a great deal to Paul and his family to know that there are so many out there who still care and are working diligently to help him regain his freedom.

It is difficult for Paul to correspond with his supporters due to the unsecure handling of mail by the prison staff. All mail to Paul is hand delivered to be sure he receives it, but he’s been very leery about responding after having been burned by a number of unstable people who pretended to befriend him and then attempted to exploit the connection or profit from his responses.

To help keep up his spirits and let him know you are all still behind him with support, the PCDF has now implemented a method for you to send your messages, questions, or well wishes to Paul that will be printed out and hand delivered to him in prison. Paul will respond as he is able – depending on instructions from his legal team, of course – through the PCDF team, and we will post his replies on the site as they come available.

This work around is to be considered “beta” only and may be discontinued at the instruction of Paul’s legal team, however, you will always be welcome to post messages below.

NOTE: Do not post inflammatory, derogatory and hateful messages – they will be removed without comment.

All entries from 2011 to Dec 2013 have been archived to make room for 2014 messages and beyond. None of your sentiments were removed, just archived.

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