Click Link to Watch Interview with Paul. On Monday, Cardinal Dolan visited the Chapel of Saint Paul in the Green Haven Correctional Facility to celebrate the church’s 50 year anniversary. It was so meaningful for Paul to meet with Cardinal Dolan and partake in the celebratory mass. After the mass, the Poughkeepsie Journal interviewed Paul – you can watch that interview with the link above. For people who do not Read The Rest »

As the next step in the seemingly endless and expensive legal process, Paul’s post-trial attorney filed a 440 motion to expand the original trial record to include new evidence and forensic expert findings. This includes the need to hire new attorneys, investigate the crime 10+ years later, hire experts that cost $10k-$20k each. During the police investigation of the murder, law enforcement obtained video from several surveillance cameras that captured Read The Rest »

On this day 34 years ago, an amazing young man was born.

Due to new evidence and information obtained, the Timeline Of Events has been temporarily removed from the menu while it is being updated in whole. Stay tuned.

On January 21, 2014, Paul’s case was dealt both a setback and step forward. On the positive side, the New York Court of Appeals reversed two legal rulings of the trial court.