Paul Cortez’s recent letter to the editor of the Hispanic Vista is now featured on their site. Hispanic Vista is a magazine which dedicates itself to exploring political and social issues pertaining to the lives of American Hispanics.

Paul wrote this letter in response to an article written by Hispanic Vista Editor, Sal Osio, entitled Absolute Immunity, in which Mr. Osio Osio explored the doctrine of absolute immunity; the result of which provides criminal prosecutors and judges exemption from any legal responsibility, despite malicious intent or shoddy performance.

Because of this absolute freedom granted to people in positions of power, many innocent victims are thrown by the wayside and left without recourse to legally right themselves. 

Sal Osio and his brother Patrick Osio (Editor of Hispanic Vista) are supporters for justice in Paul Cortez’s case.

Paul’s letter, written in recognition and appreciation of Mr. Osio’s article, is now featured on the Hispanic Vista website, under “Letter to the Editor.”

Below is a copy: