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Dr. Will Tuttle Offers Support to Paul Cortez

Dr. Will Tuttle offers his support in the wrongful conviction of Paul Cortez:

“I urge everyone to support Paul Cortez in his heroic quest for freedom and justice. A sensitive and creative soul, his compassion has been awakened and deepened by his suffering at the hands of an unjust judicial system. Through this, he has elevated his consciousness and is now a vegan, doing the best he can to minimize the cruel exploitation of animals and humans, and has become a bright beacon of light shining in the darkness. As we work to free Paul, we are working to free countless living beings, and indeed, all of us. We are all connected.”

Dr. Will Tuttle, pianist, composer, educator, and author, has performed and lectured widely throughout North America and Europe. Author of The World Peace Diet, a #1 Amazon best-seller, he is a recipient of the Courage of Conscience Award, and is the co-founder of Circle of Compassion ministry. Traveling full-time with his spouse Madeleine in their solar-powered RV, he presents over 150 lectures, retreats, workshops, and concerts per year. These events focus on spreading the vegan message of compassion for animals, nutritional sanity, and intuition development.

His Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, focused on educating intuition and altruism in adults, and he has taught college courses in creativity, humanities, mythology, religion, and philosophy. A former Zen monk, he is devoted to cultural healing and awakening, and has created 7 CD albums of original piano music.


Renown Legal Scholar Expounds Upon Paul Cortez’s Struggle

Professor Sherry Colb of Cornell University School of Law recently published two articles advocating support for some of Paul Cortez’s struggles.

Colb has taught courses in Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Mental Health Law, and Feminist Legal Studies. She has published articles in a variety of law reviews, including Stanford, Columbia, and Georgetown, in areas such as Fourth Amendment privacy, Fourteenth Amendment liberty from physical confinement, and the role of personal character in criminal culpability. She has been a law professor since 1993, prior to which she worked for two years as a law clerk, first to Judge Wilfred Feinberg of the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit (1991-1992), and then to Associate Justice Harry A. Blackmun of the United States Supreme Court (1992-1993). In 1991, Colb received her J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. In 1988, Colb graduated from the second co-ed class at Columbia College, valedictorian, summa cum laude and junior Phi Beta Kappa.

Click here to read Sherry Colb’s article about Paul Cortez on

Click here to read Sherry Colb’s article about Paul Cortez on “Dorf on Law”


Johnsonville News Re-examines Paul Cortez Case

The Johnsonville News, a popular news blog reporting stories of “Truth, Justice, Liberty, and Humanity,” retracted its initial stance on the Paul Cortez case in today’s detailed story, “The Catherine Woods Case: was Paul Cortez imprisoned for a murder he did not commit?”

“Looking back at this murder case after two years, with some lessons learned from the Duke case, it now seems possible to believe that the New York DA, police, and their media enablers may have railroaded Paul Cortez….Therefore given all these circumstances and knowing something about the case, it now seems fair and just that Paul Cortez be given an appeal as soon as possible.”


Animal Rights Advocate and Writer Adds His Support

On Thursday, September 4th, an Animal Rights and Societal Blog featured a story on Paul Cortez entitled: “Prisoner is Victim of Injustice, Incompetence, and Slander.”

He writes: “From everything I can tell, Paul Cortez is an innocent, honest, decent, and moral individual who has been incarcerated for nearly a thousand days due to a deeply compromised legal system and a shameless media that is blinded by greed.”


Justice Fund Raising Challenge

An anonymous donor recently launched a new fund raising challenge to maximize the efforts of Paul Cortez supporters: up to $500 of any donations received will be doubled and put into a special escrow account being used for forensic experts in Paul’s appeal.

Inspired by Judith’s Tucker’s fund raising challenges earlier this summer, this donor wrote:

“Following the wonderful example of Judith and Glenn Tucker (who I do not know, but whose generosity I admire), I will sponsor a challenge for $500.00 to fight for justice. In this fight for justice for Paul Cortez, we should realize that we are not only defending him but our constitution, since access to justice should be a fundamental right offered to all our citizens. 

‘There is a wonderful mythical law of nature that the three things we crave most in life — happiness, freedom, and peace of mind — are always attained by giving them to someone else.’

I urge all fair minded caring people to get involved and give to the fund so this man can defend himself properly and hopefully gain his freedom.

Please mention the challenge when you donate through the website buttons or via check to the Paul Cortez Defense Fund, PO Box 94, NY NY 10021 so I can match those donations up to the $500.00 amount.”


More Money Added to Fund Raising Challenge!

Judith Tucker, upon celebrating her 61st birthday, has added $610 to her current $1000 fund raising challenge.

She and husband Glenn, supporters of Paul Cortez, initiated their first challenge on July 1st of this month, wherein any donations up to $1000 was matched in full. The money raised is dedicated to a specifically established escrow fund for forensic testing, which is necessary for Paul’s appeal.

Judith wrote: “The appeals process is time limited…we all think somehow that DNA testing and evidence gathering is an instant process. It is not. It is time consuming and costly. The court system does not allow for an open-ended process…This young man Paul Cortez and his family and friends, Catherine Woods and her family and friends need to see a fair trial that will set all doubts to rest.”

After the great success of the first challenge, Judith quickly set forth an additional $1000, which remains available for matching donations. Recently, in celebration of her 61st birthday, she generously added a symbolic $610 to the account.

“It is in gratitude for my sons who are free to pursue their scientific research and music careers, and for my husband, on the verge of retirement so he can be freer to teach and practice yoga to his heart’s content.

May your hearts open to share the abundance in your lives while the $1610 is available to double your donation. Let the full truth come out in the form of a thorough investigation and hard evidence gathering and testing. Isn’t that what should have happened the first time? Let’s make sure it happens on appeal!”

Time for an appeal is running out, and we are desperately in need of funding! What a wonderful opportunity to double your donations. Heartfelt gratitude goes out to Judith and Glenn for their continued support! (When donating, be sure to mention that you are responding to Judith’s challenge.)


“Conservative Voice” Posts Article About Paul

Recently, a supporter of Paul Cortez wrote an editorial piece that was accepted by the “Conservative Voice,” a popular news and opinion site dedicated to Faith, Family, Freedom.

The Conservative Voice was founded by Nathan Tabor. Nathan writes a weekly column, regularly appears on radio and is author of the book “Beast On The East River” (Thomas Nelson Publishing). Nathan received his BA in psychology from St. Andrews Presbyterian College and his MA in public policy from Regent University.

This editorial piece is a prime example of how other supporters and volunteers can help to spread the word about Paul Cortez’s horrific injustice.

This article is no longer online…please click below to download.

Download MediaUnderminesCivilRights.doc


Attorney Jeffrey Lichtman Speaks About Paul Cortez Case:

“Like every other New Yorker who followed Paul’s case in the tabloids, I assumed it was an open and shut case and that justice was done with his conviction. However, as anyone knows who deals with the tabloid media, sides are quickly taken and objective journalism is not exactly of paramount importance. A mere reading of the record of the trial makes clear to any experienced attorney that a major miscarriage of justice occurred here.

It screams from the pages over and over again. In the haste to pin this awful murder of a beautiful young woman on someone — anyone — justice was perverted and an innocent man rots in a tiny jail cell. And no one has stood up and tried to stop this. I took this case to ensure that Paul receive the justice that he deserves and that his life is not simply thrown away. He deserves nothing less. Our judicial system deserves nothing less.”

Unfortunately, even with a top-notch like Jeffrey Licthman spearheading the case, Paul still needs help to afford the necessary forensic analysis and DNA testing.

Please consider donating to Paul’s defense fund – even the smallest donation helps a great deal – so that he can finally begin to put this nightmare behind him. Visit Jeffrey Licthman’s Website


Leading Author, PI Supports Paul Cortez Case

Grace Elting Castle, editor of PI Magazine, retired professional investigator, and former Executive Managing Director and Innocence Project Coordinator of the Paul J. Ciolino and Associates, Inc. investigation firm (Chicago), recently stated that Paul Cortez was the victim of a wrongful conviction. Castle’s leading work in the field of private investigation (particularly for civil litigation) coupled with her experience as a critically acclaimed author of several investigative textbooks, has made her an extremely well-respected and prominent figure-head in the industry. On her website, Castle writes: Occasionally, a case arrives that stirs me to action. Recently I received information that convinced me that a young New York man had been wrongfully convicted and deserves a new trial.  (Click to read article)


Guilty Unless Proven Innocent!

Sal Osio, publisher of, referenced the Paul Cortez case again in his article, Guilty — Unless Proven Innocent.

In an excerpt from his article, Osio writes: “Guilt beyond a reasonable doubt clearly means that if there is any credible evidence that would support a finding of innocence, the Trier of fact, judge or juror, must find an accused not guilty. In practice, however, the system works in reverse. Any credible proof, even circumstantial, is sufficient to support a guilty verdict in contemplation of law. For instance, take the case of Paul Cortez who was found guilty in New York for the murder of his ex-girlfriend. The prosecutor introduced fingerprints of Mr. Cortez found in the victim’s apartment, as evidence of his guilt. Surely, such evidence does not reasonably prove any crime. After all, what is so strange about a boy friend’s fingerprints all over his girlfriend’s apartment? Was he expected to wear gloves?”

Please click here to read the full article.

Sal Osio, Publisher and CEO of the online publication Hispanic Vista, also recently cited Paul Cortez’s case in his article, Absolute Immunity.

In this article, Osio explores the doctrine of absolute immunity; the result of which provides criminal prosecutors and judges exemption from any legal responsibility, despite malicious intent or shoddy performance.

Because of this absolute freedom granted to people in positions of power, many innocent victims are thrown by the wayside and left without recourse to legally right themselves.  

Sal Osio and his brother Patrick Osio (Editor of Hispanic Vista) are supporters for justice in Paul Cortez’s case. Please click here to read Sal Osio’s illuminating article.


Attorney Marc Fernich Joins the Fight

One of the nation’s top appellate attorneys, Marc Fernich recently pledged to support Paul’s case and join the legal team led by Jeffrey Lichtman.

“Having reviewed the trial record and discovery, and after my own investigation of the facts, I am firmly convinced of Paul’s innocence and will work tirelessly to clear his name,  he said. 

Support of prominent people like Marc Fernich is wonderful and hopeful news during this long battle to win Paul’s rightful freedom. Still, because of the forensic and DNA testing necessary for his appeal, the financial hurdles of Paul’s appeal remain in the six-figure range.

Many people have asked, “Why can’t a lawyer take on Paul’s case on a pro-bono basis?” Paul’s appeal is a massive endeavor, as our legal process is a very long, drawn out process. Premier attorneys can expect to commit the next few years and several thousand hours to such a huge battle, as well as substantial out-of-pocket expenses associated with such a legal process. In fact, the lawyers involved with Paul’s case have already generously reduced their rates in order to better aid Paul’s fight for freedom.