Commit Paul Cortez is Serving 25 Years to Life for a crime He Did Not


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About Paul

Paul knows that one day the truth will come out and he will regain the life he worked so hard for and the freedom he deserves.

Paul Vincent Cortez was born on March 18, 1980. He grew up in a rough, low-income neighborhood in the Bronx borough of New York City with his loving mother, brother and sister.

From the time Paul learned to speak and walk, he was singing and dancing. Once he learned to hold a pencil, he began to draw and sketch and even created his own comic books. From the time he was a child, Paul worked tirelessly on his academics and art pursuits hoping to one day be able to support his family and move them out of the Bronx.

Paul's Interests

Take a look at where Paul's passion lies these days.

Paul Cortez is a multi talented young man who has produced some breathtakingly beautiful works of art in a range of genres.

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