The following is an archive from Free Paul Cortez.Org of all of the messages between December 2011 and January 24, 2014.

 PCDF Admin wrote at December 10, 2011:

Dear Paul – 

We know your trials are difficult, but there are so many of us out there who care deeply and will be joining together in your fight for freedom. You are not alone. Never forget that.

  Judith Cook Tucker wrote at December 13, 2011:

Dear heart, You are not forgotten. Although the process to justice seems twisted and endless, I for one will never lose sight of the fact that you are in prison unjustly. Frequently I find myself telling someone about your case, and as I do, first a sadness and then a sense of hope arises. I know you will receive your full day in court, and eventually you will walk free, proven innocent to the world, as I know you are. Stay strong, brother! You are loved!  

 Sal Osio JD from via Diane wrote at December 15, 2011:
Please give Paul a Christmas cheer for me and remind him that the world exists within us and can never be imprisoned unless we consent. 
Sal Osio,JD 

Diane Mason Mekelburg wrote at December 15, 2011:
Paul, My message to you is one of love and respect. You are such a decent and caring human being. I honestly believe the truth will set you free! I visualize the door opening and you walking into the rest of your life with that wonderful smile on your face and a conviction in your loving heart to make the world a better place for all living beings. Stay strong and remember the many people know you are innocent and will continue to fight till you are allowed to have the truth be heard. Diane 

 Stacey Taylor wrote at December 15, 2011:
Paul – 

It’s been a true honor getting involved, revamping the PCDF site in the hope that it’s effective and leads to positive results that genuinely help you. We’ve never met but it’s been easy to get to know you “virtually – I’m so impressed with who you are. My heart goes out to you more than you know. I believe wholeheartedly in you innocence, your purity, your decency and integrity. 

So, don’t despair, whatever it takes, sweetness – we’re bringing you home where you belong. I am in this fight for you for the long haul. Sending another virtual hug…as many as it takes. Much love ~ S.

 Grace Elting Okesson wrote at December 17, 2011:

Paul is always in my prayers as is the hope that something will finally trigger an understanding that this man, who was a “kid” when they threw him in prison deserves, at the very least, a new trial! It should not take years of pleading a…nd court appearances, etc. to get help for a person who has proclaimed innocence from the beginning. But it takes that and more money than most can obtain to fight the system that keeps people confined against all evidence that shows they should never have been convicted in the first place.
Of course not all persons in prison who claim they are wrongly convicted ARE, but when as many things go wrong pre-during-and post trial as happened in this case, even a mentally challenged person can see the need for re-evaluation. Paul’s case is a prime example of what out of control media people can do to one person’s life. I hope those who led that misguided and inflammatory campaign against Paul, and those “authors” who trampled on him for their own financial gain will—well it’s Christmas and I’m a Christian so I must be nice. I take comfort in knowing that they all will answer to a higher power in the end. Stay strong Paul. You are not forgotten! 

Jan Legault LaPoint wrote at December 17, 2011:

Please let Paul know that we will get him out of there and we must stick together! Tell him we are Karmas Army!!!!

 Angela C wrote at December 18, 2011:
Paul, I have never met you but feel as though I know you and am deeply touched by the truly good and beautiful person that you are. I always trust my gut instinct and there isn’t a doubt in my mind that you are innocent and a horrendous miscarriage of justice has taken place. I am new to your case but it’s clear from the short time I’ve been on this site that an awful lot of people are on your side and love and care for you. I know that you will receive your fair trial and can’t wait until the moment when you walk out of that court room a free man.

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t think of you in that cold, dark cell and wish I could do something to get you out of there. In the meantime here’s a big virtual hug from me. Keep that flame of hope burning bright. Angela C xxx

 Nikki from NJ wrote at December 23, 2011:

Paul, I grew up in a law enforcement family in NJ so I’m usually more biased towards the police but certainly not in your case. I don’t know you, but I can’t get you out of my head. It’s terrible. I truely believe you’re innocent. Everytime I think of this case it makes me sick that you’re sitting in a cell for a crime that you did not commit. I can’t imagine what you’re family is going through but most of all, I can’t imagine what you’re going through. It’s almost Christmas. I know this isn’t your first Christmas in a cell but there are many people thinking and praying for you on this Christmas buddy. I can’t wait until the day when your pronounced “Not Guilty” and I know it will come. God bless you.  


Mike wrote at December 24, 2011:

Unfortunately your horrific story is becoming all too common in our greatly flawed legal system. We have not forgotten you and you have countless supporters. Please stay positive and know that your day will soon come where the truth comes out and you will be given your life back. You are in our hopes and prayers. 


Angela C from UK wrote at December 25, 2011:
I just wanted to wish you a happy Christmas amd positive New Year that will see a shift in your situation. Despite all today’s excitemtn and merriment I can’t help but think of you. Stay strong.


Diane from messages from help free paul cortez wrote at January 3, 2012:
1.Justyne Bryndza
if it could happen for the West Memphis Three, it WILL happen for Paul! please hang in there Paul, it is truly disheartening how very long it takes to free the OBVIOUSLY wrongly convicted! please remember that while we hope and pray, and LIVE OUR LIVES FREELY, Paul is behind bars, mistreated and losing faith by the minute. the world is deprived of such a loving, talented, AMAZING person. think about how every day begins and ends for him. please, send extra good feelings to Paul at this beautiful time of year. may he be back in the arms of his loved ones soon! XOXO
2.Lijana Arcimaviciute
Merry christmas to Paul! 


Sara from Cuban wrote at January 13, 2012:

Stay strong, I am truly sorry you are going thru this injustice, but hang in there there are people out here that are fighting for you. Trust Jehovah and be sure he never leaves your side, pray everyday and he will give you the strength you need until this is all over.  

SiteAdmin wrote at January 13, 2012:
It’s 2012 and the dawning of another year. I hope that this one brings you closer to your freedom and back to your life, your family and loved ones.

Stay strong. You are not forgotten 


sara from Miami wrote at January 16, 2012:
I don’t want to see that sad look in your eyes anymore, come one Paul, trust in Jehovah and the people out here figthing for you, I know is hard don’t get me wrong but it pains me so much, you are too young to have such sad eyes, you will be out soon I know it, I feel it, so come on be strong be possitive. In My Prayers always.  


Vanessa Lee from NY, USA wrote at January 19, 2012:
Dear Paul,

I’m just a 14 year old girl who just learned about this case in English class. When I heard about this case, I immediately come to a conclusion: You’re not suppose to be in jail!!! David is!!!! This is clearly not a fair trail but David cannot be trailed twice for the same crime as law stated, sadly (a criminal has gone loose) I also don’t believe the Spencer was telling the truth about you owning black Skecher boots. He clearly had change his “evidence” 6 months after being asked the same question. And to think the jurors, judges, and your attorneys didn’t suspect that. Ridiculous!!!!

And also how they didn’t take the only reliable evidence to find out the truth(hair and skin) I cannot believe they would do that!!! I believe that there’re at least one just person but sadly they proved me wrong!!! I cannot believe your attorneys could mess this case up!!! I mean, really? There is obviously a doubt in your case. Did they not remember “Everyone’s innocent till proven guilty. You must say ‘not guilty’ if there s a doubt in mind” I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, proving people wrong about their evidence is my specialty. I wowed to prove the prosecutor wrong!!!!!! I can’t let a unfair trail lay there and not let justice prevail. When, I become a lawyer, I will do everything in my will to help you get back your pride. I very pray that your family members are able to find money for DNA testing and somehow get you out of that terrible place.

Again Paul, stay strong, remember justice will prevail, what goes around comes around, god bless you greatly, nothing is impossible 

God bless again,
Vanessa Lee 


angel rodriguez from nyc, Puerto Rico wrote at January 22, 2012:
iread the book about your case several years ago and was deeply touched by the insensitibities of our judicial system. just doing some holiday cleaning came across the copy of the book and wonderedwhathad happened in this case. sad to hear that you are still there, but fortunately i can see that you can with some people that truly and honestly support you. and dont pay attention to those who approach with ill intentions . it is obviousyhat they dont have anything productive to do with their lives. i hope that the god that you know provide you with the strength to handle this trying moment in your life. i also hope that your mother is doing ok. i remmber from the book how difficult the whole ordeal was for her . i know how passionate spanish mothers are. 


Sherri M. from Ohio wrote at January 26, 2012:
I just read the book about your case by LaRosa and Moriarity, and I couldn’t see how the jurors could have convicted you, even with the bad defense you had. I hope that you will get good news about an appeal granted very soon. In the meantime, please hang in there and know you are in my thoughts and prayers and know many people are routing for you. BTW – love your art on the website. 


Cindi A from California wrote at February 12, 2012:
I was hoping you would be getting to a new trial by now. I have been following your case since I first heard about it a couple years ago. Its too bad the justice system is so wracked with details for an appeal but I am convinced you now have competent attorneys working on your behalf. I pray that all the drive you had pursuing your dreams is now keeping you mentally strong to keep fighting for the freedom you so rightfully deserve. I also pray for your mother that she is being comforted through prayer and the support of those around her. I mostly pray now that donations will continue to assist you in getting to a new trial. Take care Paul and God Bless you. 


lLijana from lithuanian wrote at February 22, 2012:
I know,what is it for You,Iam not going to say to You keep strong,its borring,and not changing anything,I am not good in englisch,but I wish You to know,how this world bad without money.if You will get this message,YOU keep on going!I can not help You now,but maybe its not too late to help the others!Your Birthay comingSmileI’ll write You again!
Lijana from lithuanian wrote at February 22, 2012:
Paul,darling!I wish all the best,cause no one wants to submit my message.Ilove You 

angel rodriguez from nyc, Puerto Rico wrote at March 2, 2012:
How come this case has not been re- exposed in the press to get more people involve. look what just happenedd to the Menphis 3. There some similarities between the cases. Ihope Paul is doing ok as was his mother. As a hispanic male I am very familiar with the over protective positions of our mothers; who figth for us fircely until they day. you will be out very soon. 

 Roxana from New York wrote at March 4, 2012:
Paul when i first heard of your story i was horrified that a person could be put in jail with no proof of any wrong doing. I truly feel for you and pray that you get out of jail. You do not deserve to spend your life paying for a crime you did not commit. Take care and keep strong, this will all be over soon. 


angela lambert from Australia wrote at March 14, 2012:
From today, when I read your story, I will start to pray that Justice is done for you. God knows all things and does not take kindly to injustice. Start trusting in Him through Jesus and together we will pray for your freedom. Keep strong until that day through Jesus the Lord.  


JoAnna from Anaheim Hills California wrote at March 20, 2012:

I have always believed you were innocent and I pray every day you will one day be cleared and released. You make me wish I had a law degree so I could be on the team to help prove your innocence. Stay strong, there are many people fighting for you.


 Judith Cook Tucker wrote at March 28, 2012:

Dear dear Paul, Too many birthdays spent in prison…is it possible this could be the last? I read today about Ernie Lopez in Texas, who was just released after nine long years in prison…new medical understanding made it clear he had not done what he was convicted of. I know you will be released when DNA evidence and other testing is done…testing that should have been done during your first trial.

I pray for your appeal to go through successfully, and look forward to the day when I can greet you as a free man.

May you find some semblance of peace in your current situation. Be strong in the knowledge that many are sure of your innocence. One day, the Truth will be revealed.

Sending love and blessings,

Annie H. from Belgium wrote at April 4, 2012:
Dear Paul, 

A few days ago, I watched the CBS episodes online, and ever since then, I can’t get it out of my mind. 
You’ve touched the very soul of me: your dignity and calmness, the love that shines through in your eyes whenever you talk about your lost love; your numerous talents and the hard work throughout all of your life to achieve your goals…

Every day my thoughts go out to you and your loved ones. I hope that soon this wrongdoing will be undone and you will be a free man again.

Meanwhile, I hope this message will be (a tiny) help to stay strong during this hardship.

Annie H. 


Lijana from lithuanian wrote at April 6, 2012:
remembering Easter!kiss from EuropeSmile
Lijana from Lithuania wrote at April 11, 2012:
I know You such a great painter,Iwas waiting for painted eggs…I can not send You painted eggs,what I was like to…Smilehuge You!
Lijana from Lithuania wrote at April 12, 2012:
I want You to know,I am with You!
never matters ,how long it is go,but I am always with You.Thanks for all ,who cares about 
You,I am with them 


Olivia from NM wrote at April 17, 2012:
I saw your story on 48 hrs mystery and although I am no expert on anything, you seem innocent. You are a beautiful and amazingly talented person and it’s a shame for all your beauty and talent to be wasted in a prison cell for something you did not do. I’m so sorry our justice system has let you and everyone else down. My thought are with you. 

 Lijana from Lithuania wrote at April 18, 2012:
I would like to whrite You personal,I know its possible,maybe your friends trying to keep You so far as they can from harm,but I only want to write You a English bad,I knowSmilebut if You wish it,I believe Your friends let me know,Paul! 


Lori Patrick wrote at April 18, 2012:
Dearest Paul..Please know that I wish you well and your mother. I would not say I am a body language expert but I know enough about a persons eyes ie: telling the truth, up to the left;lying, down and to the right. It’s the way the brain is constructed. David Haughn made alot of to the “right” eye movements. The body can’t fool itself. That in itself is not enought to convict but you add the scary fact that he thought Catherine was like his “mother” and now there is a whole new ball game. That is creepy and we know he grew up in foster care. Paul, please hang in there..Justice will be served. All the best, Lori..P.S.I pray that your mother is finding the strength to carry on the torch for you… 


Lori Patrick wrote at April 18, 2012:
Dear again..I just wanted to let you know I worked for a police department in Canada and I was taught by the very best about people who lie re: eyes to the left and up:telling the truth as opposed to the eyes down to the right: telling a lie. The left side of your brain (thus your eyes looking to the right) is trying to find an excuse: this part of the brain doesn’t hold memories..When our eyes look to the left, we tap into the right side of our brain which is memory recall. Liars always look to the right..and on gets even more confusing..left is right and right is get the idea..David Haugn spent alot of time looking to the right and down…I don’t know if this helps sweet pea, but hang in there..My thoughts, prayers and justice prevailing are in my heart for you, again Lori 


Lijana from Lithuanian wrote at April 27, 2012:

Hey,Paul,Iam time to time watching news about You.I do not know,why,but I am so care about You!keep in touch,alwaysSmileThank for Your suppoters,instead You could not reach my messages.Mayby some day You could write me a letter.sorry for all nonsense,I wrotw to to YouSmile 


ed wrote at May 3, 2012:
Always checking for news and keeping you in my thoughts dude. I hope you got my emails!

all my best –

 Annie H. from Belgium wrote at May 3, 2012:

Dear Paul,

You and your family are still in my thoughts every day. I often check if there’s any news, but so far, without results. 

I really hope you get the news you’re waiting for, the sooner the better!

Meanwhile, from a long distance, I’ll keep on checking for updates, wishing you and your loved ones all the strength and good things in the world!

Annie H. 

 LIJANA from LITHUANIA wrote at May 9, 2012:


relibed from phils. wrote at May 13, 2012:
the truth shall prevail paul. you are always in our prayers!

 Lijana from Lithuanian wrote at May 23, 2012:
hey,its meSmilekeep going against terrible un justice.Im thinging about You

Atty from Va wrote at May 23, 2012:
I’m an attorney – please contact me at my email address.



Maura Young from Boston, MA. wrote at May 28, 2012:
Paul, I am praying for you…your story breaks my heart…A lie can run the distance of the earth before the truth even has time to lace up it’s sneakers…but the truth will prevail…I believe in your innocence, NEVER give up fighting! What a celebration it will be when you are at last released!! God bless you and keep you…never give up hope! Big hugs–Maura Young 

 justyne from nyc wrote at May 28, 2012:
dear paul: i would just like to let you know how you have touched my soul. i live in nyc, so i was there, watching the media circus, horrified at the way you were portrayed. your innocence shines like a beacon. i’m finding it difficult to atriculate exactly what i want to get across to you because when i’m here at your defense website, the FACTS of the case are all running through my head, and there you are, almost TWO THOUSAND DAYS imprisoned for what? certainly not for catherine’s murder. for tabloid reporters looking to sensationalize, for inept, corrupt police work, for horrendously incompetent legal representation. they obviopus;ly threw the trail for the prosecutor, florio should not have been allowed NEAR your case.
i remember reading that your appealate attorney said your trail was a farce. he hit the nail on the head with that one. where is this “spenser” purjer now? conveniently moved oyt if nyc. i’m sorry my thoughts are coming out in a jumble. paul, that light of innocece that radiates from you must stay as bright as the first time ii saw it. you can do it, get through a little more time until you are finally exhonerated. your freedom is ahead of you paul. your defense team has gone above and eyond for you, for which i thank them from the bottom of my heart. stay strong paul, you will come out of this a better person. you already are a better person. i’ll stop rambling now and just send you my love and support. ~justyne 


Annie H. from Belgium wrote at June 8, 2012:
Dear Paul,

Still thinking of you and your family every day! (making a special wish upon my guardian angel 4 U) Is there any news? 
PCDF doesn’t post a lot, and this is my only resource. I wish You well and strength!


Annie H. 

 Annie H. from Belgium wrote at June 26, 2012:
Dear Paul,

Love your latest drawing of the horses. It speaks out on many levels!

Take care of yourself! As always, in my thoughts,

Annie H.

Sherri M wrote at June 28, 2012:

Hi, Paul, your “Beautiful Horses” is just gorgeous. I hope we can buy a print of it at some point. I hope you are hanging in there and that you will get some good news soon about appealing your conviction.  

 Judith Cook Tucker wrote at June 28, 2012:
Dear Paul,
I just finished listening to Sal’s amazing interview…Everything is so clear in the bright light of FACTS, and Sal presented the facts as they are known thus far. Now if your trial attorneys had done that at the beginning, we would not be writing to you in prison at this point! It is so hard to know the days are passing, turning into more and more months and you are still in prison. Hard for those of us who know you are innocent…obviously much harder for you. 

I pray that something will happen soon to open a new opportunity to test and reveal the results of DNA testing, blood splatter testing, hair testing, that will bring you your freedom.

Stay strong! Never give up! Much love, Judith 


ed wrote at July 6, 2012:
Your artwork is getting just astoundingly good man… I miss you bro. 

all my best-


Jeannie wrote at July 13, 2012:
I had never heard of this story until today-having watched it on 48hours mystery. I’m shocked. After researching the timeline and phone records, all I can think about is that how obvious it is that there is no way Paul Cortez had the time to commit this crime. He has been living in a jail cell for years, and I am only just now even hearing about this. However, I was living on the west coast at the time-far away from where all of this took place. I was hoping that after realizing how old the story was, and then learning that he was incarcerated, and then learning the cell phone record proof and reading about his “defense” lawyers and everything else, that he would have already had an appeal and would have been released. I’m sure there are many people like me-who have just never heard or read about it. It is so unfair, so unjust.
I am wondering, like so many others, why a lawyer cannot or will not take his case on pro-bono. I just don’t understand how any of the evidence proves guilt, because it seems to me that it shows just the opposite and actually vindicates Paul. He was not given a fair trial, and could not be given a fair trial because of the press and media. I can only hope that he is set free and soon. It is cases like these that make me wish I could become a lawyer. All I would like to be able to do is send him a letter-and let him know that there are people who support his case-like me-although I do not know him personally. It has to be very difficult being blamed for the death of someone that you cared about. I think he thought that there was no way they could find him guilty-but the way the court system works today, I think most agree that it has become backwards-“guilty until proven innocent”. And the one best chance he had was handled so very badly. There was DNA evidence right before them-HAIR-from her attacker.
It seems to be that David H. is a more likely suspect than Paul could ever have been. I would have thought that evidence would have been submitted in his defense. It seems to me that even someone from that same hallway in that apartment complex had more of an opportunity to commit the crime than Paul. How anyone could not see that he was not defended properly-especially the judge-is beyond me. Paul said he lost his family-and some friends. I hope one day he regains ten-fold what he has lost, and probably foolishly, I hope the killer would one day come forward and Paul would receive complete vindication. But time is not something you can get back, and realistically what he needs is financial support to win his freedom. If he was rich and could have afforded the means to hire an effective defense, I believe he would be free right now.
My question would be how long is it likely going to take until action is taken? How is he coping in there? How is his mother coping? My wish is that he keeps believing that the truth will prevail and that the money needed to present his defense-a PROPER defense-is on the way. And to keep visualizing the day that he leaves that jail cell behind and is free. He’ll need more support then too.  

   ed wrote at July 16, 2012:
Any friend of Pauls owes it to him to really look into this case… If you do there’s no way you can write it off. If you didnt know in your heart of hearts that Paul wouldnt do something like this, then let the FACTS enter your mind…

Always looking for news about this case and always willing to help.



Amber from I believe you are innocent wrote at July 21, 2012:

I dont think paul is guilty. From the moment I watched the 48 hours video I knew he was innocent. I pray for his freedom and hope he is set free of a crime he didnt commit soon. 

Lijana from lithuanian wrote at July 30, 2012:
hey,Paul!I praying for You all the time.Iwould want to look at You nowSmilekeep going! 

 Joe S wrote at August 2, 2012:
keep the fight up! i believe in you and your struggles 


CJ from Milwaukee, WI wrote at August 3, 2012:
I caught your case on 48 Hour Mystery and am happy they got your story out there. I can’t imagine loosing so much and now being incarcerated. Seems as though there should have been so much more done in your case .. I’m a firm believer in the justice system, but there is one thing that a lot of people don’t realize. Gut instinct and judgement calls are the beginning of the process, people are ruled out by speculation. There seems to be so much more to your story and evidence that should have been entered .. I sincerely hope that you get a new trial Paul, too much is missing from your case, not to mention the drama that was going on with your Attorney at the time. God speed Paul .. 


J9 from Australia wrote at August 9, 2012:
There are many questions that can’t be answered by 48 hours, books, or even the posts -for example, did the police talk to everyone in the building to rule them out? Could someone in the building know the routines of Catherine and David – their front door being left unlocked – how many people lived in the building? Could someone have gone back to their apartment to clean up? And this is the problem – have those questions been covered and answered in court and we on our computers just don’t have ALL the information?
J9 from Australia wrote at August 9, 2012:
Living in another country only came across this story via Youtube and watched 48 hour story. Knowing that an hour doco couldn’t possibly cover all facts and answer all questions, I have looked further, read Erin Moriarty’s book and both this website and the ‘don’t’ website-I have not been privy to ALL the facts so no way can I know Paul is innocent, but do believe that he did not receive a fair trial and believe there is reasonable doubt – Believe he has a legitimate RIGHT for appeal-the defence team were outrageously inept. I keep an open mind while I still have many questions not answered. 

 Annie H. from belgium wrote at August 17, 2012:
Dear Paul,

It’s been a whie, but you and your family never left my thoughts! Still wishing you well every hour of every day!

I’ve tried to use the chat channel to connect with people, but so far no luck. I’ll keep on trying. As always wishing you and your loved ones all the best.

Annie H.

 Allen from North Carolina wrote at August 19, 2012:

Thought about you while recently watching a documentary called, “Fork over Knives.” You might be on the right path, Paul. Family and I are making the change.

I hope you are well both emotionally, physically and spiritually. Praying for you, your special friend, and the congregation.

 Courting depositions, Investigative Services. from interest in this case wrote at September 4, 2012:
Hello, Paul

My name is Antoinnette Borbon, owner of a small deposition firm just opened in Woodland, Ca. I happened to watch this story on 48 hours and feel compelled to do something to help you. Along with being a business owner of a depo firm, I am working on my criminal justice degree and court reporting education. I do not wish to discuss the facts in this case via the internet, but I will let you know that I do believe wholeheartedly that you are innocent of this crime. I would like you to keep in contact with me in some way, if possible? I would like to talk about offering some services to your attorneys for free to help aid in your defense.

I would also like you to know, on a more personal level, that I will be praying for the LOrd to allow justice to happen soon for you and relieve you of this burden. I know this may be hard to understand at present time, but the Lord works in mysterious ways. He allows us to go through our trials for His purpose, His glory and needs us to lay all of our trust upon HIm. Maybe it was meant for our paths to cross? I pray the Lord will lead me on the path of truth in your case and the ability both physically and financially to be able to help you. I also pray that you will call upon Him for strength and patience in getting your freedom. I will also be requesting prayers from our congregation there in Woodland.

I hope to be hearing from you soon or someone who can return a message to me from you. I look forward to connecting with you. Please try not to worry and take care of yourself for now. I am putting my complete faith in God to direct all the right people for your defense. May God bless you as you walk throug this fire, hun.


CJ from Milwaukee wrote at September 8, 2012:
Any news? 

Cindi from California wrote at September 19, 2012:
Hi Paul,
Just sending strong prayers of hope to you through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I’ve been following your case for the past year and am horrified at how you were railroaded. The 48 Hours show was so slanted by the reporter who happened to also be from Ohio. I’m so glad someone had the mind to put up your website and give the actual facts of your case. It allowed me to be objective and to see the injustice that was done to you. I pray this new appeal case will pull you through to freedom. Take care and God Bless.

Joanne from Switzerland wrote at September 20, 2012:
Dear Paul,

I watched the 48 hours episode, and it made me so so sad…Catherine’s death was so senseless and tragic, and then your arrest, trial and imprisonment was the last straw. Then I looked for more information on the internet, and the more I learned, the more I was knew I was right from the beginning: you are innocent and your life is being taken away like Catherine’s was and it is so unbearable to see your talents and youth being thrown away. 
I’m praying for you and I am sending you positive waves from Europe, I really hope you stay strong and safe until they let you out,


Georgette from NY wrote at September 25, 2012:

hey Paul, i’m a true crime buff and recently read your book and i believe in your innocense all i have to say is one thing: WHY WERE YOU PUT IN JAIL AND CATHERINE HAD 12 ‘HAIRS’ IN THE CLUTCH OF HER HAND???? THAT WERENT YOURS. PLEASE GET YOURSELF A NEW LAWYER….. !!!

edward anthonis wrote at October 1, 2012:
any person who is fortunate enough to be loved, cared for, thought of then more then just an afterthought in this ever increasing world of fear, isolation, and second guessing ones own truths, should stand up and be counted as one of the lucky ones. Do the work to be a decent human being, as its our humanity exclusively which is the inclusion that brings the disenfranchised back to possibility of a future where people understand we are all one.

keep the love for Paul alive, and keep him in your thoughts every day.

Lijana from lithuanian wrote at October 27, 2012:

I hope you will be free! Iwish You love!

edward anthonis wrote at October 31, 2012:
thinking of you bro, excited for the progress! 

be in touch soon-


Anna Montanez from North Carolina wrote at November 2, 2012:
Paul, when I saw the 48 hours episode, my heart broke for you and your family and for Catherine. It shocks me when the cops and prosecutors and so-called experts are so free of doubt when it comes to guilt when the evidence is just not there. I often thought about your first attorneys and a) why didn’t they cross examine the forensic experts more harshly,b) why didn’t they get there own experts, and c) why didn’t they say the blood could have gotten onto a latent print that was left by a previous visit from you? I’m astounded, I am praying for your appeal. You deserve a second chance. I will spread knowledge about your case to everyone I know. Take care, Anna

Hannah Lieder wrote at November 4, 2012:
I read a lot of true crime books and almost 100% of the time it’s obvious the defendant is guilty. I didn’t even get to the end of the book and I said to myself this guy is innocent. I believe it was character assassination based on his writing that got him convicted. There is no way he could have killed her and left no trace. There was no motivation for him to kill her. Guys that do this type of thing are “off” and people recognize they are not right in the head before they do something so violent. Paul has no history or indication he was off despite the prosecution’s lame attempts to find evidence. Why didn’t they test the hairs in Catherine’s hands? That alone could have freed him. And the testimony on the latent versus patent “bloody” fingerprint was unclear. If the print was latent then it couldn’t have been a “bloody print”. No murder weapon. No bloody clothes. No trace evidence. Impossibly tight time frame. No motive. 

Paul is innocent. I hope he gets a new trial.

ericka from los angeles wrote at November 8, 2012:

hi paul my name is ericka and i just finished reading death of a dream about you and catherine i believe in your innocence and i believe justice is served only to rich people because they can buy their way out.i am sadden to hear that your appeal has been denied i believe this was un fair and the evidence was contradicting itself i really hope a miracle happens and you can be free.i send you all my best wishes Smile

Ashley Pike wrote at November 9, 2012:
I am a huge fan of the TV show 48 Hours Mystery and I have probably watched nearly every single episode. And in all of the episodes I have watched, I have never believed the guilty person’s innocence… until now. This is the first time I have whole-heartedly believed that the convicted murderer is truly an innocent person. I had a feeling after watching the first 48 Hours installment of “The Last Dance” that you were innocent and now especially, after reading the provided case information. Also, why did 48 Hours not even discuss the 12 hairs that were in Catherine’s bloody hand?! That important HUGE piece of information should have been mentioned! It astounds me that you were arrested let alone tried and convicted. It saddens me that this can happen to an obviously innocent man and you have been imprisoned for over five years for a crime you didn’t commit. I am thrilled that your case has been appealed. Paul, you are defintely from here forward, in my prayers for a release! It will happen! It must happen!

laura from kentucky wrote at November 14, 2012:
paul—-i have often said to my family that if I won the lottery, you would be the first recipient of my money. you are SO obviously innocent that it astounds me that you have not been released from that hellhole you are in. i know you are innocent and i am appalled at our justice system has allowed this to happen. i am also amazed and saddened that the family of catherine has closed their eyes to the obvious facts of your case and neglects to see what all the rest of your supporters so obviously see,know and believe. if that was my daughter, i would not rest until the REAL offender was behind bars. and the REAL killer is out there living the life. and i know in my heart exactly who it is. i have a theory that no one else has ever expressed. and i am convinced i am correct.i have gone over and over this in my mind. i have also written to one of your lawyers about this very thing. stay strong paul. that sounds lame considering what you must endure every day but i mean it with all my heart. if we all support you the way we continue to do, surely the facts and truth will prevail. 
fondly,Laura and family

edward anthonis wrote at November 16, 2012:
You are never far from my thoughts dude… talk to you soon.


Erik Beckner wrote at December 30, 2012:

I just recently watched the 48 Hours episodes about your case. I believe you are innocent. May God bless you and keep you in these dark times. You will be in my prayers. 

Hang in there,

Angela Wallace from Scotland UK wrote at January 15, 2013:
Good luck paul hope justice prevails in your case you are never alone!

Sonia wrote at January 18, 2013:
I just want to tell you that I am praying that justice is served and you can be free again. I read the book a few years back and was amazed at how they came to even indict you. I truly believe in your innocence. God keep you!
Criselda Rodriguez from San Antonio, Texas wrote at January 28, 2013:
Hi Paul, I have always had interest in the 48 hour episodes I have seen every episode there is, but for some crazy reason when I saw your particualar episode it stuck with me I have seen it at least a dozen times as well as read over all your information in the web page and your 2nd interview with 48 hours from prison is something I continue to see just in search for answers, I have to say there is something in my heart that is just confused about this whole crazy situation I think about it day in and day out! I feel so bad for what you are going through I for one believe in your innocence and yet I’m not sure what I can do to help out more and possibly make a difference. I will continue supporting for your freedom as well as bringing everyone I know to help you in prayer…Keep the faith and never let go!

Always here for you,
Criselda Rodriguez 

lijana wrote at March 15, 2013:
happy birthday,dear

Stacey Taylor wrote at March 15, 2013:
Hi Paul,

I wanted to send a birthday wish and let you know I’ve not abandoned nor forgotten about you. I hope things are looking more encouraging with the latest updates and I know I can speak for all of us who support and love you when I say we look forward to bringing you back home to your family. Please hang in there and keep your positive outlook through the trials. You are so greatly loved. We are still fighting for you.

Love always,
Stacey aka siteadmin

 Mom wrote at March 18, 2013:

Blessed Birthday to my baby boy; always in my heart, I miss you so much… 


Annie H. from Belgium wrote at March 24, 2013:
Dear Paul,

I wasn’t able to send you birthday wishes on the 18th, but it’s not because they’re late, they’re not heartfelt! 

Hope this year will bring you change for the better and all the luck in the world, surrounded by those who really care for you!

Take care,

Annie H


lijana from lithuanian wrote at April 2, 2013:
I wish You happy Easter,Paul!never ever do not lose You hope!
lijana from lithuanian wrote at April 2, 2013:
Iam always prays for You,You on my Christmas or Easters prayers especially.I want to see You free 


anne from person wrote at April 7, 2013:
I hope you are doing fine and your in my prays.If you want to talk about anything, i’m here for you. God bless. 

lijana from lithunia wrote at April 23, 2013:
hey!keep on going,Paul 

Alice from Cancun Mx wrote at May 7, 2013:
Hi Paul =) I had heard about this case when I lived in Ohio and thought “oh of course blame the latino”. You are 100% correct, never once did the media mention your background or accolades, regardless, I am in AWE at how America can put someone in prison for the rest of their life with NO concrete DNA evidence, being that they are supposed to be the most advanced. I also believe that you are innocent and that I am sorry to say this but, it was the live in boyfriend, he had every reason to do it, who stays living with the ex after the break up and new boyfriend gets in the picture, all I can say is that he was obsessed not just with her, but also the idea of them together forever, what up coming star says ” oh I want to marry my home town boyfriend??? Cut the Games, Ohio and New York, put a little leg work and free an innocent man!! Keep your chin up =) 

Jessica from African American wrote at May 11, 2013:
hi Paul: like many people who is written on this message board, I came across your story after watching 48 hours. and I thought what a handsome intelligent young man. you reminded me a lot of myself because I also was the first my family to graduate from college and now am the first my family to graduate from law school. after watching 48 hours I wrestled a lot with the particular facts of this case. on one side I wondered why would an innocent person lie? but with my legal experience, another side i wrestled with the tremendous amount of poor police investigation.
I’m all about the truth. and I at least feel that you deserve to have a fair trial with thorough investigation. not based on a journal writings or other poor circumstantial evidence. a book called surviving justice really portrays many mistakes of our justice system. countless amount of people have been wrongfully convicted. that is why I strongly believe that the evidence in this case against you is very poor. and certainly there should be a retrial with DNA testing and thorough evidence that will reveal the truth. I pray that God grant you that opportunity, as he already is doing. I pray for your strength and endurance. I know that you have a friend in me. god bless you. 

Janice from Chicago wrote at June 8, 2013:
Hi Paul, Just want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I wish for your release and freedom.

Gemma from England wrote at June 11, 2013:
Hi Paul
Im so saddened hearing your about your current situation, i beleive that you are innocent and have suffered a grevious injustice. My hopes and prayers are with you, your family and with your new legal team, i so hope you get the freedom you so rightly deserve. Keep strong, the truth always finds a way to reveal itself 


Marta wrote at June 15, 2013:

Hi Paul
Has your family contacted The Innocence Project for help? 
Warm Regards 

 Tim wrote at June 16, 2013:
Keep the faith my friend! 

ed wrote at July 5, 2013:
“Genius is eternal patience”.

Debbie A wrote at July 11, 2013:
Hi Paul,
Hope you’re holding up ok….I have spent 2 days in jail for something small and stupid but can’t imagine it for years on end…
I have only just even started reading more about your case tonight after seeing the 48 hours episode on YouTube but will educate myself more fully in the coming days..just wanted to drop you a line though, as we have a few things in common and I can see that this could really happen to anybody…and don’t even get me started about the media !!
I have a background in theatre/dance too (about a hundred years ago!) am also a HUGE Bikram yoga fan, practicing regularly (trying to undo all the damage from those years of dance!!). Hope you’re managing as much as you can with your current circumstances..
Will write more soon, hang in there
(Ps : not very “yogi-like” but for your amusement, I went to jail in Florida on a “Domestic Violence” charge. Was going thru a 3 year long divorce with a husband who had essentially cleaned out the bank accounts, stopped paying the mortgage without consulting me, didn’t cooperate with the financial disclosure process of divorce, AND opened bank accounts in Africa and Thailand whilst he was working overseas !!…long story short, post divorce trial, he came to the house, the police were called….I lost my cool and kicked him in the ass !!…in front of the police …and got arrested !! Smile. In redneck Polk County this qualifies as domestic violence…turned out to be an expensive kick in the ass .but I got enough material from my stint in jail for my one woman show one day !! ) 

Rosalyn July 14, 2013:
Hi Paul, 
I’ve been following this long and hard battle for your justice for about 3-4 years. I truly doubt in my mind that you committed this murder. I’ve carefully read the book written by 48hr, and don’t feel that it is written in the fairness of all persons involved in this. The book is merely just a reflection on how our justice system wrongfully accuses people, to bring peace of mind to victims families and friends. Since your case has made its way to appeals, I know it will get overturned in your favor. Keep your head high, us Latinos know your innocent. & when you finally get out, you’ll ALWAYS have a friend in me. 


TCK wrote at July 27, 2013:
May you find comfort in these words Paul:

“The Arc of a Moral Rainbow may seem so long, but remember that it bends towards Justice being done” – Martin Luther King

The truth will come and set you free.
So may justice and truth be quickly served, and with this your life and freedom returned. TCK 

Raven W. from USA wrote at August 12, 2013:

Hi Paul!

I was just able to watch the 48 Hours show about your case. I pride myself in being a good judge of character. I know you aren’t capable of this heinous crime. Unfortunately, the world seeks to crush people that are different; especially if they are intelligent & talented. I am terribly sad for your situation & honestly, if I had the means I would gladly donate to the fund to free you of your current circumstance. Sadly though, I am a person of very limited means at this point in my life. All I can do is pray to the power(s) above that the powers that be get things right for once. I can also offer to volunteer in your cause but even that would be limited as my health ….sucks!! LOL!! I would be glad to do whatever I can to help though.

I wish you strength & peace of mind til you are finally free!

Peace, Love & Light!
J Raven W.

Arul from Singapore wrote at August 13, 2013:

Hi Paul,

I was intrigued to reading more about this case after watching 48 hrs..and it led me here..I’m sure you will be a free man soon! Have faith and keep on fighting!My thoughts and prayers are always with you..TRUTH will PREVAIL!!! 


Bianca M from Australia wrote at August 24, 2013:
Hi Paul!

I am a 27 year old from Australia and just watched your story on the “48 hours” show and I felt so sad. I decided to google the progress of the case and saw you were convicted of the murder and all the dodgy crap that lead to that conviction and it made me mad. I believe you are innocent and really hope they set you free ASAP and find the real killer! I am going to share your story on my facebook and my website so more people from around the world know and can help you be freed!

Hang in there mate! 

Bianca =) 

Andrew Eastman wrote at August 25, 2013:
Wow this story really touched me, can’t imagine how you’re feeling mate but hold on….Wish I had oodles of cash or advice to help you help you out, you deserve justice. Just so you know you have a Brother over in Canada rooting for you. 

TCK from Australia wrote at September 3, 2013:
Hi again Paul,

Stay strong Paul. Never give in and never give up. Evil prevails when good men do nothing, so remember always Paul that there is good men and women doing all they can to help you. Remember also that you are in the thoughts of so many around the world. We do care.

Take care, TCK.

Ps A book of true strength to read Paul is “A long walk to Freedom”, an autobiography written by Nelson Mandella. I mention this to you because it is such an inspirational book of great STRENGTH and COURAGE but more importantly on one never giving up on HOPE. 

 Twila wrote at August 11, 2013:

Hi Paul. I recently found your story. My thoughts are with you. I am sending you positive energy and love.

TCK wrote at October 11, 2013:

Howdy again Paul,

Hold on, stay strong and do not despair Paul because around this world there are those that truly believe in you and sincerely do care.

On those days you may feel defeated and alone Paul just hold on tight and remember that positive and powerful thoughts of love, courage, hope and strength from around the world are surrounding you like a shield.

Stay strong my friend.

TCK – Perth Western Australia

Mom wrote at November 14, 2013:

I miss you so much…

ed wrote at December 10, 2013:

I think about you every day bro.

Im always waiting for the good news.


TCK wrote at December 23, 2013:

Thinking of you Paul this Christmas 2013. You should be sitting across the table from your Mom. You should be surrounded by your family and friends. This will one day be a reality because the truth is going to set you free. My heart is with Catherine’s family too. Stay strong Paul, fight on for justice and truth. Never feel alone, you will never be forgotten.

TCK – Perth Western Australia

Lijana wrote at December 26, 2013:

Paul,hey!Merry Cristmas to You ,honey!mpua,mpuaSmile

 Peggy wrote at December 30, 2013:

Hi Paul,

I believe that you are an innocent wrongfully convicted person.
I hope that a witness will come out of the wood work to exonerate you. Or, new evidence will be found to clear your name. I think that police investigation was not thorough or complete.
You are victim of the justice system.
I pray that the truth will see the light of day.

 TCK wrote at January 5, 2014:

~~~~~HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 PAUL~~~~

May this be your year Paul when the lights shine upon you, the truth is finally told and you are set free…….

Stay strong and hold on, you are not forgotten.

Perth Western Australia

 Lijana wrote at January 6, 2014:

Happy New Year,honey!

 Judith Cook Tucker wrote at January 15, 2014:

Keeping you in our hearts as the calendar begins turning through another year and you are still in prison. Prayers that during this year the important next step will occur, that will eventually lead to your freedom. Glenn, Dan and I send love and peace to you. May Truth prevail.