Paul will be turning 30 years old on March 18th. In order to celebrate his day and help ensure that he does not also spend his 31st birthday in prison, we are asking all of his friends, family members, and supporters to please acknowledge Paul’s day in a way that will seriously impact the rest of his life.

For the month of March, our goal is to raise $10,000 to pay for the reply brief and oral arguments in his appeal.

We are nearing the most critical steps in Paul’s appeal process. We have been working tirelessly for this possibility and desperately need your help to get Paul to the finish line. In lieu of spending a few dollars to send Paul a birthday card or other item, we are asking supporters to please contribute $10 dollars to help pay for the legal necessities he so desperately deserves, and then recruit 5 friends or coworkers to do the same.

We will compile all of your messages and send them to Paul in one mailing. Thank you for helping to lift his spirits and let him know that he is not forgotten.