An interesting article was recently released in the New York Times highlighting the study of faulty scientific evidence used to wrongfully convict people in the United States.

The Innocence Project (a nationally recognized organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing) reports that a staggering 50% of their overturned cases were due to inaccurate evidence.

Author John Tierney points out that the root of this corruption is due to the absence of an independent agency to which experts, technicians, judges, etc., must report. Instead, their “findings” all fall under a single, unchecked, agenda-filled umbrella: the government.

Tierney writes: “Some of the horror stories are due to corrupt forensic scientists, but even the most honest and competent ones are vulnerable to cognitive bias when they observe, record and evaluate data. One of the major contributors to bias is that most of the people gathering and evaluating evidence work either for the government (they’re seen as part of the prosecution’s team) or for laboratories that depend on contracts awarded by the government.”

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