The PCDF is honored and excited to announce the web interview with one of the PCDF founders as they discuss many of the unanswered questions surrounding the homicide of Catherine Woods

Just two days after Thanksgiving in 2005, up and coming Broadway dancer Catherine Woods was stabbed 20 times inside of her bedroom. Her live in on again off again boyfriend David Haughn an inspiring rapper claims he left the apartment around 6:30 to get his car and returned 20 minutes later and found Catherine in a pool of blood. This would have left little time for someone to come in and stab Catherine 20 times. When EMS arrived, Haughn immediately points the finger at “a guy that was stalking Catherine”, Paul Cortez.

Paul Cortez was an up and coming actor and rock and roll singer. Paul was also an on again off again boyfriend of Catherine Woods. Was Paul stalking Catherine or was David Haughn pointing the finger at Paul to divert suspicion from himself? Paul was convicted of Catherine’s murder in 2007 but was David Haughn’s timeline creditable.

Could he have had sex with Catherine, put his clothes on, leave to get his car only a block away, make a stop to set an obvious alibi, giving a killer time to sneak past 7 video cameras then stab Catherine 20 times and leave undetected by the same 7 video cameras? Tune in this Wednesday live at 6 PM EST as we discuss The Paul Cortez case.

Some of the points above will be corrected/clarified during the radio segment, and we expect Vincent Hill (the host of the radio program) to dig deep into a lot of the evidentiary issues. Please tune in!


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