New York has the third highest number of wrongful convictions overturned by DNA evidence. Yet it lags behind in enacting reforms that would prevent innocent people from being wrongly convicted.

Ask Governor Cuomo and Your Legislators to Pass a Bill Before the Session Ends

For the past six years, the Innocence Project has pushed for reforms that would improve eyewitness identification procedures and reduce false confessions. But lawmakers in Albany have refused to act.

Tell key stakeholders in New York that it is past time to pass legislation to prevent wrongful convictions. Remind your elected officials that preventing wrongful convictions is about justice and public safety, because when the wrong person is convicted of a crime, not only are the innocent made to suffer immeasurably, the real perpetrator is free to commit other crimes. Use the form below to take action TODAY!

Visit the Innocence Project Action Alert page here and get involved! While you’re there, hit that Facebook Like button and share with your friends. It costs nothing to click a button. It could be you spending your life behind bars for something you didn’t do.

Please help Paul regain his freedom.